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Too Chicken


I was too chicken to ask you out in person so I'm using this greeting card. Go ahead and open up the card to read about our dream date.


So I'll pick you up at 7:30 if I can get my jalopy of an "automobile" to start; that's unlikely though so let's aim for around 8:45 at your apartment. (Don't worry, I know EXACTLY where you live). I'll be picking you up on my razor scooter. Don't worry, there's room for two. We'll skip dinner because I find it awkward to eat in front of someone I barely know. Also, I never quite got the hang of that whole fork and knife business. So first stop: the cineplex. Guess what?!? You get to pick the movie! On a couple of conditions of course: 1) None of this sappy "The Notebook" slash Ryan Gosling crap. Either Van Damme, Vin Diesel or Arnold Schwarzeniger (sp?) has to play the lead role. OH, and there has to be a lot of explosions. Ka-BLAMO! I love when shit gets blown up, don't you? By the way, DON'T touch my popcorn. Fair warning. Next it's off to Frank's video arcade where we'll play GaLaga & Ms. Pac-Man. Actually you'll mainly be watching me play because I RULE at those games. If the date is going well at this point (and it sounds like it is), then we'll have a sleepover. We're going to have to stay at your place because my cat "razor claws" gets viciously jealous whenever I have company. In the morning breakfast is on you. I know you paid at the movies but I paid at the arcade, remember? (Turn to back of card for more bliss->)


I think it's best if we stick with the turn-taking on the paying thing. For example, on our next date I'll pay for the bowling on dollar bowling night.
So what do you think? (Check a Box)



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