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Charles Owens




I want to be caught in a downpour with you.
I want to end up at the ocean with you some drunken
night and we hardly know how we got there or where
we're going
I want to be with you when you feel life's so awful that
you wish someone would check you into an institution
and mainline Valium into your system.
I want to be with you when you feel everything you've
done has culminated in this moment of bliss.
I want to look at the smooth curve of the nape
of your neck while you sleep.
I want to be with you right now.
And when we're naked and alone wading in an ebony lake at
midnight under a canopy of a tree's crooked branches, I want
to realize the moment you've fallen in love.
[The message in this card was created by the poet Charles Owens. Reprinted with his kind permission]

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